Nonprofit organizations – each with a unique mission – have an impact on our world: social service and social justice, arts and culture, health care, education, industry associations, and environmental sustainability.

North Star Strategies introduces COMPASS for non profit organizations – an innovative, easy-to-use and affordable resource for nonprofit leaders and board members.




Realize, celebrate and strengthen who you already are!

If you serve as a executive or board member in your organization, you know all about limited time, talent and treasure. We designed COMPASS with you in mind.

– Are you ready to build on your strengths?
– Is your organization in transition?
– Is your leadership concerned about “the numbers” – customers, volunteers, finances?

The people in your organization already have the knowledge. All they need is a process that enables open dialogue and awareness so that they can see and build upon what is already there.

COMPASS is that process.

Compass enables a nonprofit to clarify its unique role in contributing to society and then assists the leadership in focusing their time, talent and treasure on living into that role.

What is COMPASS?

Compass employs an anonymous, online process which surfaces honest and insightful information in remarkably little time. Revolutionary computer software, internet accessibility and proven communication theory result in a workbook customized to your unique needs and vision. We then provide expert facilitation to enable your leaders to discern the most effective ways to achieve your mission.

You Receive:

– A prioritized list of areas to act upon for the greatest benefit.
– Top 5 to 10 activities that will have the greatest impact.
– Pinpoint knowledge of where the leadership can make immediate changes.
– Unique insight into where there will be resistance – and guidance on how to respond.
– Specific information for an ongoing dialogue on issues of importance.
– An understanding among the leaders of where you think the same, where you differ, and why.

See a sample page of the custom workbook in our brochure.

Pricing is as low as $1200 and is partially based on organization size. Meeting facilitation is included. Contact Tracy Morgan at 302-584-7940 or for more information.