The company was originally founded by Tracy Morgan in 1996 as Brandywine Marketing Associates. For over a decade it offered strategic consulting, business plan development and marketing services to growing companies and non-profit organizations.

Leading into 2010 it became certified in Schelling Point Alignment Optimization technology, expanded its team of consultants and partners, and changed its name to North Star Strategies.

In 2012 it launched COMPASS, an innovative (and affordable) resource for non profit organizations and churches. It was developed collaboratively by several ministers, non-profit leaders and business process experts to provide the type of strategic planning previously available only to large organizations to small mission driven organizations in a way that would be successful.

This easy-to-use program implements SchellingPoint’s Alignment Optimization methodology. This methodology fosters dialogue that uncovers rich insights in a very short time. With COMPASS, facilitated conversations lead to a prioritized set of plans for leadership groups to better achieve their mission.