North Star Strategies works with your leadership group to align their opinions on goals, assumptions, barriers to success, and potential unintended consequences as they develop realistic action plans.

– Strategic retreat facilitation
– Assisting collaboration among two or more organizations
– Business plan development
– Strategy consulting (marketing, operations, financial)


Organizations need strong leaders working together to achieve ambitious goals. We provide tools, programs, services, and innovative methodologies to executives who aim to be more effective.

– Leadership coaching in best practices
– Alignment Manager training and support
– Transforming leadership groups in conflict into high-performing teams


Recognizing, celebrating, and strengthening organizations leads to progress towards a mission and greater impact. North Star Strategies uses proven methodologies in its work with non-profits, churches, businesses and government organizations to get results faster. Our expertise is in efficient resource use that builds relationships.

– Optimizing performance using SchellingPoint methodology, SchellingPoint Strategic Planning Method.
– Alignment Optimization
– Conflict resolution


Market research, environmental scan, and industry analysis are overlapping, but important, concepts. Considering the present and future factors that will influence your organization is critical to high-quality decision making.

– Action Research using SchellingPoint methodology
– Primary research
– Secondary research
– Interviews
– Focus groups
– Surveys – design, execution, analysis


Organizations require funding to achieve their missions. Whether you are a business, church or nonprofit, North Star Strategies can work with you to assess your situation and develop a realistic funding strategy.

– Financial analysis
– Profit, Loss and Cash Flow Projections
– Decision and Risk Analysis – using net present value or other metrics
– Capital raise strategies
– Capital campaign strategy
– Donor management strategy


Quantitative performance measurement is essential to attracting funders. Measurable impact, metrics, performance targets, evidence-based outcomes, and milestones are valuable numbers. We provide leaders with tools and techniques to answer to donors without overburdening your organization.

– Measurement design and analysis
– Scorecards – Rich Scorecard and Balanced Scorecard
– Stage Gate processes