“Being involved in the planning process faciliated by North Star Strategies was a very productive experience that far exceeded my expectations regarding how far our group could come to agreement on a very difficult topic.”

-Ken Smith, Housing Director, Delaware Housing Coalition

“We were able to come together as a team and focus in an amazingly short period of time.”

-Dave Frankil, President, NAFCU Services

North Star Strategies uses an innovative proprietary methodology that uses technology to enhance dialogue during the planning process. This method leads to fully supported world-class plans in one-third of the time with only one-quarter of the effort. Therefore implementation is smooth and stress is minimized. This technique has been used by hundreds of organizations, from global Fortune 500 companies to small churches and community non-profit agencies.

Usually a leader has to make a tradeoff between quality and speed, accuracy and efficiency, and engagement and ownership.  Using our process, all three objectives can be easily achieved.

Additionally, North Star Strategies also offers the alignment product COMPASS for churches and nonprofits.

Compass employs an anonymous online process to surface honest and insightful feedback. Our technology-based practice allows us to generate results in remarkably little time. Our combination of revolutionary computer software, internet resources, and proven communication theory results in a custom workbook tailored to your company’s vision.

North Star Strategies’ mission is to strengthen organizations seeking a positive impact in our world. These impacts include areas such as:

social services and social justice
technological advancements
healing relationships
deepening our spirituality
better education for our children
affordable, quality health care
enhanced quality of life
environmental sustainability

and more…